So, I am four days in to my new life as a ‘Mumtrepreneur’. The aim to work for myself and get the work/life balance correct.

What do I think?  Well I am far less stressed even though I am still only doing prep work and prospecting for business and yet to secure the first deal.  So why do I find myself less stressed I hear you cry?

The answer is simple… I no longer feel guilty.

Guilty for leaving early in the morning before IC is awake, or guilty for getting home after bath time because I just had to get that last job done, or the traffic was awful.  But equally, no longer guilty for being sleep deprived that I can barely concentrate, or that I have to leave on time every day to ‘try’ and make bath time.  

But also, to my Hubby who frankly since August has worked like I do and has held everything together when the guilt has been too much for me to handle and the pile of washing has reduced me to tears, or the toys, or the pile of clean washing that still needed to be put away – Yes, all of these made me cry.

Instead, this week I have been able to spend time with IC in the morning, getting him ready and sending him off for his day.  Being there when he gets home and even PICKING HIM UP from nursery.

I have also been able to get ready for work calmly, had a walk – I even did a Yoga session and then I have sat and worked, and really worked.  Not going through the motions and dreaming of time with the Hubby and IC, but actually, productively working and it feels great.

So what now, well the real work starts now. Hunting down the first deal, winning some contracts and turning this dream in to a sustainable reality..

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