Wow! Time really does fly when you are having fun….

The days’ whizz by in a working, loving life, being mummy and wife blur and it is wonderful – But as I sit here now, I realise that working for yourself as a Marketer has a kind of pressure I hadn’t even considered.

For the last 16 years (ssshhh I know!) I have been forging out a career in Marketing.  Developing brands, building a following, creating engaging content for the masses or the niches dependant on the product to develop leads and ultimately grow businesses – I hold myself as somewhat of an expert at this.

When I first spoke to the Hubby about ‘going it alone’ I was filled with excitement and a sense of, well everyone needs marketing so I will be fine. I stand by the sentiment that everyone needs marketing, but, what I didn’t stop and think about was why would people choose me? And how did I plan on marketing me?

I have considered all the marketing tools I have used to help me previously a SWOT analysis, the 4 P’s, the competitor landscape and it is as if I am looking at a personality report at an interview – A scary prospect that is for sure, and thanks to the businesses that took a risk on a weirdo like me before!

Overall though the experience was freeing and weirdly satisfying, you know, like when you just have to squeeze the spot – it hurts at first and you may be tempted to stop but once you have done it you are pleased you’ve done it?! (eww sorry!)

I now feel more aware of myself, my brand and what I am trying to achieve – It isn’t world domination I promise, and I would highly recommend this approach to any challenge or goal in your life. Take the time to analyse you – it is so easy to get swallowed up in life and let opportunities pass us by as we ‘don’t have the time’ ‘it is too hard’.

Plus: In all this self-reflection, brand building fun – I have landed my first deal ?.

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    I love this Hayley, you make it so interesting and it’s fabulous news that you have landed your first deal. Well done chick. Keep these blogs coming it’s a great read xxxx

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