I recently commented on a LinkedIn post asking about the merits of a PPC campaign, there were 100’s of comments mainly along the same path but a few with simple comments such as ‘of course it works otherwise how would Google practically print money’.

At face value, it is difficult to disagree with that response, as let’s be honest, that is how they make a lot of their money.  It is only when you start to dig deep and consider the brands that are the most successfully using this tool that you understand that their PPC campaigns are not ran in silo.

It is quite the opposite….

As a Digital Marketer, I believe in the value of a well thought out PPC campaign, however the real value of this is only ever really seen when you ensure the following;

Your website can handle increased traffic – There is little value in investing in a PPC campaign to drive traffic to your website if it isn’t robust enough to handle the increase.  The result – hard fought marketing budget down the drain.

Relevant and Engaging content to your PPC campaign, seems a simple one but the times I have seen PPC campaigns with great wording that entice you in.  You click and you are on a random page that bears no relevance to what you have just clicked.

You can capture your leads.  Don’t spend the money if once you get people to your website you have no way of knowing who they are, what they are looking for from your business or how you can contact them.  Get your landing pages geared up for this.

If you remember nothing else from my blog/rant then try to remember that a high converting PPC campaign doesn’t guarantee a high conversion rate on your webpage.

With all the above you need to get the balance right for the product or service that you are marketing but a PPC campaign alone doesn’t guarantee your business growth, leads, success or world domination – unless you are the well-known search engine that has achieved this through PPC!

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