So here I am, sat in a well-known coffee shop, frantically working ahead of my 1st big presentation and trying to get my 1st job complete so I can earn some much-needed cash and I find myself wondering if I got my priorities right at the weekend?

I decided to embark on my mumtrepreneur adventure to get the balance back in my life, and honestly, I was flying but then the bank holiday hit! Now, normally I would have been relishing in the idea of a 4-day weekend with friends and family but somehow when working for myself I thought that I didn’t deserve the time and even joked with friends and family that I no longer go them!

Our weekend continued and it was full of family fun, Easter Egg hunts with little I and 2 of my nieces, a wine and cheese night, takeaways (I really need to get back on the old diet wagon – not sure baby weight is an acceptable excuse 15 months on!) plus copious amounts of fizz – Well come on I am part of the work hard play hard generation, but when was I going to do some work?

The weekend went by is a fun filled blur and suddenly it was Monday evening and I hadn’t done A SINGLE THING!

I hadn’t checked my emails, logged on, or even made some notes, had I failed at my first self-employed hurdle?


I, for the first time in almost 17 years of working got it right.  I had the full bank holiday off, with my family to have quality time. I didn’t feel guilty (that word again) for having time off. I ignored the phone, pretended I didn’t have email capability on my smartphone and I LOVED it.

I understand, that there will be times when I have to work when others don’t and I know that as I grow I will only get busier and prioritising will become harder, but for now I feel like I can bask in the sunshine of getting it right for me and my family.

Now it is time to focus and smash the presentation out of the park tomorrow!



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