Where do the week’s go?  Time just seems to fly by these days.  It is Friday again and to top it off ANOTHER bank holiday!!

Now I am going to sound a little smug now and I am sorry (I’m not really) but I have the ‘Friday Feeling’ every single day…

I no longer wake with a surge of adrenalin that I may be late or an instant pang of anxiety about what may lay ahead, or that I just might not hit the unrealistic deadline I have once again been set.

So, what is the Friday Feeling really about?

Is it the thought that you just have to get through the next 8 hours and then you have some freedom? Or, is it the ability to just crack on and then walk away at 5pm and not worry?

Up until recently, I thought it was the 2 days of freedom from the job, but I was never actually free. The emails were still checked throughout the day, Social Media platforms where always being updated and monitored – So I was never ACTUALLY free.

But now, every day – I focus, I work hard and I manage, set and achieve my to-do list on a daily basis and at 5pm I stop, and I mean STOP.  I don’t anxiously check my inbox to see what my boss might want now, or what new crisis there is to manage.

In the digital, smartphone world this seems impossible to most – but I highly recommend it.  Turn off the email notifications, get an application to schedule your Social Media if that is part of your job. Leave the laptop in the office and SWITCH OFF!

Not only will your mind thank you for it but your family and friends will too! So, go on (I dare you) at 5pm tonight, do it, leave work behind properly until Tuesday!


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