‘Happiness starts with you. Not with your relationships, not with your job, not with your money, but with you.’

I read this a short time ago on Facebook and it really got me thinking about whether or not this is in fact true.

Can you be happy within yourself, if the substance in your daily routines isn’t how you want it to be? Or, is this statement trying to say, that by truly understanding what makes you happy you will ultimately, only fill your life with other things that make you happy?

The Hubby and I have had a saying since we got together in 2011 that ‘it is only a job’ therefore, if it isn’t right, is detrimental to your health, sanity or our relationship then we have the freedom to change it with the full support from each other. We have both, used this and I would highly recommend this philosophy to everyone.  Yes, we have to have money to pay the bills, but that (in my opinion) should NEVER mean at the sacrifice of everything else you hold dear.

Does this mean, that our belief that a job can have a massive impact on our happiness is misplaced? I don’t think so.

For me, happiness is about confidence, support and a desire to succeed/ achieve/ enjoy/ feel fulfilled.

When I was notified of my impending redundancy, I took a long hard look at my life, on the surface I had it all, the dream job, the beautiful home, the loving hubby and a gorgeous son –  I was happy, but I wasn’t… I was more stressed than I had ever been before, I was continually tired and not just Mummy tired. Brain not functioning, lack of motivation to do anything tired and I knew something had to change.

So, yes, happiness does come from within, BUT to be truly happy, you need to the confidence to delve in to your inner psyche and assess.

You may be surprised with what you find out.

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