I am no contortionist but I have always tried to be flexible in my working life, start early if needed, stay late if the current ‘urgent’ task required me to.

Over the last 17 years I have done this almost without blinking, that was until I had IC and then I began to ask for my employer to be flexible.  One was a rigid as a wooden ruler (I left) and one was more like a bendy shatterproof ruler and happy for me to work at home, leave early take IC to the doctors etc. and in return they got more from me.  More dedication, more commitment and ultimately more respect.

So here I am like so many trying to balance motherhood, a career and attempting to be a good wife (I fail here a little too often… Sorry Hubby!) and I have realised that being flexible in the hours I work to suit my family has a fantastic impact on my productivity.

My thoughts on this are why are so many of us still chained to our desks Monday – Friday 9-5 (or whatever your core 37.5 hours a week are)?

Why do employers insist that their staff sit in god awful traffic for an hour in the morning and an hour on the way home or battle with overcrowded public transport?

Are we all at our most productive at these times?  Or is it historical bull sh*t, that the majority are too scared to change?

For me I am at my best from 7-10 and 2-6 so that is how I balance my day. I take breaks, I enjoy a coffee or 5 and I have a lunch break.

So come on businesses, join the revolution give your staff more freedom to work when they are more productive and haven’t gained yet grey hairs thanks to the daily commute and in return, I can almost guarantee that you will have a happier, more dedicated and flexible team to help your business to grow.  

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