Wow – I have been terrible at blogging over the last few weeks, and the main reason is because I have been feeling overwhelmed.

I have, suffered a couple of setbacks that have seriously dented my confidence – am I cut out to be an entrepreneur, am I good enough to do this?

Yesterday I attended a seminar, I was honest and said I was there to speak to local business owners and see what opportunities there were for me to work with them and help them improve their marketing and grow their businesses.

I wasn’t sure how it would go.

I walked out 3 hours later and not only had I made 3 really good connections but the seminar itself had taught me so much.

The presenter was so passionate about what he did, his enthusiasm was infectious and he left us with a couple of quotes both courtesy of John Rohn (Look him up, he talks a lot of sense).

‘If you will change…. Everything will change for you’ and ‘If you want to have more… Then you must become more’.

And these really did resonate with me.  Change is something we all find difficult but often if we make the change as uncomfortable as it is, we can look back in a few weeks’ time and feel empowered by what we have achieved.

So how can I relate this to now?

It is really easy – I have to be the business. I have to remember that offering Marketing isn’t unique, but I am (yep quirks and all!).

People buy from people and that is what will make the difference to me.

But how do I become more?

I have thought about this almost constantly since the seminar and I think this can be interpreted in so many ways.

It could be an activity, an approach or even how many hours you work/play.

I have been amazed recently by my Aunt, who has taken on a challenge to walk 10,000 steps or 5 miles a day every day in June. Not only has she absolutely smashed the challenge and is walking closer to 10 miles a day but for her I believe this challenge has become about so much more.

I want that feeling, I haven’t yet decided on how I am going to become more.  But by 30th June I will have implemented a new approach or activity to help me become more than I am today.

Confidence is a funny thing – In a true business sense mine has been shaken to the core, but by attending one seminar and talking to likeminded people and drawing inspiration from my family, I am feeling bolstered and ready.

If you are ever in a place where you lack confidence – be honest with yourself.

Do you need to make a change and what can you do to become more and I am certain that not only will your confidence return it will be sky high!

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    Hayley, that’s is a wonderful blog and thankyou so much for saying I have helped to give you some inspiration with my walking challenge. It means so much to me. Keep up the good work hunny, you are so worth it xxx

  2. Gilly G

    Hi Hayley, I know that you will rise to any challenge put in front of you knowing you have the support of family and friends. I found the blog inspirational as it could not have come at a better time to perk me up.
    god bless

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