Whenever I use the word perspective I can’t help but think of Ross and Rachel in friends when they get back together (briefly) after the whole ‘We were on a break’ debacle.

I think perspective is something we could all benefit more from. What I mean by this, is having the ability to stop, look at the bigger picture and really think and consider the situation properly.

We live in a time poor society and spend our days rushing around trying to cram everything in, I don’t know about you but quite often I seem to blink and it is Friday AGAIN and I wonder how on earth it is here again already and wonder what did I achieve this week.

Or, we wish Monday – Thursday away, praying for the weekend. To get out of the office and spend quality time with friends and family – But do we ever manage it?

This is where I believe we ALL need to improve and get some perspective on our lives, goals and how we spend our time generally.

Over the last few weeks I have been lucky enough to speak with and spend time with some very successful business owners and the overwhelming feeling I was left with is that they really understand the power of stopping, thinking and assessing.

One in particular stands out to me…. They had worked for years in the same career and they loved it.  But after a fundamental change in their family life, they knew something had to change.

They didn’t rush in to a new venture, they didn’t just bury their head in the sand and hope that the niggling feeling that they needed to change would go away.

They invested time and effort in to understanding what they and their family wanted.  Where did they want to be in 1 year, 2 years and as far ahead as 10 years?

They asked themselves some hard questions – what would you do if you had 6-12 months to live?

But also, some fun questions like if you won £3million on the lottery what would you do?

When I asked why? The response was simple.  To get perspective and to understand what was really important to us individually and as a family so we could plan to achieve our goals.

So, take some time.  Be honest with yourself and your partner, family and gain perspective on your life so you can take control and achieve your dreams.

I have lived for so many years running around like a headless chicken and at 33 it is time to stop.


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