Today I have been thinking about Wednesday Wisdom’s the trend to post an inspirational or thought provoking saying, statement or quote on our social media to remind us of what we have or to help others when they may be feeling low.

There are many that I feel translate well in to a ‘working’ sense.

In a previous blog I have spoken about the power to change, the power to do and the power to believe.

Those three things are so easy to say and yet they are so hard to do.  Why? Because they all have an element of risk attached to them.

The Power to change – but what if I change and it doesn’t work?

The Power to do- but what if it isn’t as easy as it seems. What if I fail?

The Power to believe – Will people judge me?

I am a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason, and if it isn’t right yet you aren’t at the end of that particular journey.

Some, say that they are silly and that ultimately, we control what happens and we control where the end is.

It would be easy to say OK, I am wrong. But I don’t, I stand by these two beliefs as they have seen me through so incredibly challenging times and I can think of one area right now where the second keeps me going, keeps me trying, keeps me believing that we are not yet at the end but at some point, we will be and everything will be as it should.

Now, don’t get me wrong I don’t think we can achieve world peace with these beliefs alone, but I do feel that they give me more compassion, more patience and make me look at the situation more clearly without letting my emotions take over all the time.

I saw this today when scrolling through Wednesday Wisdoms…

‘What’s Stopping You?’

Is it your fear of change? Fear of failure? Or fear judgement?

Take a depth breath, believe that everything happens for a reason, and remember it may take a while but once it’s right you will be at the end of that journey.


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