With so many business tools on offer it can be difficult, especially as a small business to decide which will benefit you the most.  Quite often the tools that are chosen work in silos, creating additional work to keep on top of it all, so before you know it you have stopped using the tools to their full capacity and the chaos has returned.

Having worked in small businesses and now running one I have an acute understanding of why this happens and the misconceptions around what each tool can offer.

A CRM is probably the business tool that is underused the most (even I have been guilty of this).  The perception of how they can help a business has changed over the last few years and the levels of complexity in the systems and ‘bolt on’ products have led to a feeling of discontentment around them – the necessary evil in some cases.

As a Marketer, I find this frustrating as your CRM can improve your marketing efforts 10-fold. Below are just some of the ways it can help.  Plus, with the next generation CRM entering the market the opportunities are further increasing.

Know Your Audience – Using your CRM can help you to segment your contacts into categories based on their behaviour so you can ensure you communicate with them on subjects that will be of interest to them.

These insights can also help you to develop target audiences for your lead generation campaigns, learning from those who have engaged with you, so you can optimise the results from future campaigns.

Manage Your Campaigns – CRMs are so much more than a contact list, you can use them to manage your campaigns and record the results.  You can create profiles with tags and segmentation to help analyse the results and build intelligence around your customer base.

Multi-Channel Marketing – One communication style no longer fits all. Every customer has a preference on how they are contacted, from email, to social media to SMS but not only this, we all now demand a level of personalisation and context whenever a business communicates with us. Sentle, a brand-new CRM to the market offers contextual, personalised communications as standard.  No more clunky bolt-ons that don’t work properly, or using separate systems so activity can’t be tracked. It is all there for you, out.of.the.box

Develop Personal Relationships – He who cares wins! Looking after your customers, communicating relevant information and responding promptly are all ways of building these relationships. For years the customer has been lost in a sales funnel, a call list of an email series full of information they’re not interested in. Standing out from the crowd by focusing on your customers’ needs and communicating in a timely and relevant way will boost these relationships and ultimately help your business grow.

Service That Satisfies – We’ve all been there, an order placed and then nothing… silence.  Chances are everything is fine, but how do you know?  Your CRM can help you to build workflows that include touch points with your customers. That reassuring arm around them to let them know, you have their order, its being processed etc.

It is so easy when running a business for the small touches to slip through the cracks. Stop those cracks today, have a look at your processes and see where you could improve your efforts to gain more business.   Sentle is a brand-new system that turns the CRM world upside down.  It is focused on your Customers and has been built by a team who truly understand their value.

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