Have you ever got to the end of the week and reflected on everything that happened, what you achieved and just how many hurdles you needed to jump over to finish your to-do list?

I’d never really sat and thought about it until recently, and as I was planning on sharing some tips on how to keep focus I realised it was something I really needed to do.

Have you ever had a day where you are pulled from pillar to post and by 4pm you realise you haven’t managed to achieve anything on your list? Or have you had a deadline that you just have to hit and after sitting for hour after hour, you have begun flicking from task to task and not achieving anything you need to?

Well over the years, I found myself in both of the above on more occasions than I really want to admit. As my career moved forward, managing my time and colleagues became even more important.

So as part of a fun week I decided to pull together some tips on keeping focus, to help us all achieve more.

Minimise the Multitasking – switching from one task to another, may feel like you are being really productive, however, what usually happens is you end up with lots of half-done tasks and nothing is ever completed and off your list.  It isn’t possible to always completely avoid it but try to keep it to a minimum.

Establish A To-Do List – Take the time to plan your day.  Make a list of the actions you need to complete and allocate a set amount of time to them.  This will help you to be focused on each task but also realistic in what you can achieve each day.

Take Breaks – I have been there… refusing to leave my desk as I just HAVE to hit a deadline and a few hours in, I am distracted and wasting time. Build regular breaks into your day.  Get up, move about, have a drink and clear your mind.  When you return to your desk you’ll have renewed gusto to get the job done.

Keep Work at Work – Such a tricky one to actually stick to. But let’s be honest, we could all work from 8 in the morning until 10 at night, but after a couple of weeks we would be exhausted, sick and with friends and partners that have given up trying to see you. When you finish each day, update your list, evaluate your day, look at what needs to roll over and outline tomorrow’s plan. This should leave you feeling relaxed, so you can head home and spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest.

And the final and probably the most important….

Get a Good Night’s Sleep – It can be tough with a busy work life to put your thoughts to rest before sleep. A trick of mine is to take a notepad and pen to bed so if I am laying struggle to sleep, I can write down what’s on my mind to clear it out. A good rest will leave you energised for the next day and any of those late-night thoughts are recorded so you keep and use them when you need to.

So…. There you have it.  My tips on how to be focused throughout your working week.


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