The first few days of January are often full of optimise for the new year and motivation to stick to this year’s resolutions.  However, by the end of the first week for many the arrival of the credit card bill, the tightness of the jeans or just the cold, windy, wet and barely light days destroy their mojo.

This got me thinking…… Does the same happen in business?

Day 1) everyone reminisces about the fun they had and the gossip for the Christmas do.

Day 2) the unopened emails can’t be ignored anymore

Day 3) team meeting and Q1 targets, plans handed out

Day 4) Well if we’re honest, tired, disengaged and dreaming of the next holiday they can have…

I have been this person and I have managed people just like this.  So how can January really be about a clean sheet, a new opportunity, renewed energy and drive?

I believe that by sticking to these principles you yourself and your teams will be more motivated through what is considered the worst month of the year.

Embrace the chat – the first week back after a long break is always the hardest.  Take the time in this week to have regular huddles and team chats. Share ideas, stories, goals, resolutions to re-emphasise the strong team spirit you had before the festive season.

Plan but small steps –  It is easy for everyone to be overwhelmed with the task ahead if they aren’t yet warmed up into the New Year.  Take the time to break the overall plans down and help your team to prioritise the workload until the end of the month.

Something to look forward to – This is one of my favourites.  Have a team resolution (no swearing, no chocolate or crisps etc.) so at the end of the month you can go for some drinks and celebrate your success. It gives another motivation, will support your team members potentially in their own resolutions and gives you all something to look forward to.

Be positive – it is so easy to be swept up in others negativity. Remind yourself why you do what you do.  What your passions are, and how you can make a difference in your work.

January can feel like a long, hard slog so keep yourself motivated. Believe in what you do, and it will go by in the blink of an eye. X

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