It is very easy to dismiss success as luck or circumstances and it is only when you look at some of the most incredibly successful people, whether they are an entrepreneur, a writer, a movie star etc.  that you are hit with the reality that they failed – A LOT in the majority of scenario’s.

So how do they manage to pick themselves up, dust themselves down and strive for the dream once more?

For me, I think the answer is simple. Well, simple to think not simple to do.

It is all about their mindset.

They believe fundamentally, at their core that the most recent failure, set back, misjudgement etc. is part of their journey to achieving their goals.

They remain focused, positive and determined through every bump, hurdle, mistake along the road as they are certain they need to go through these for the ultimate achievement.  They aim to inspire, they want to change they way the rest of us think, work and process the world.

But do you also need to be a risk taker as well as having an unfathomable mindset?

In many respects I believe you do. Risk is a very personal thing, what I consider to be a calculated risk you may see it as being too risky and potentially catastrophic to whatever the project, business, dream may be.

Some of the examples of these kind of people are Richard Branson and JK Rowling. They have both failed… either through business or through rejection and yet they persevered, continued to follow their passions and believe in their ideas and because of this they are living a life, a privileged life. But they don’t now sit in an ivory tower looking down rubbing their hands with glee. No, they continually develop, they look to give something back, they work to inspire.

So, is it luck or circumstance that makes you a success?  No.   It is you that makes you a success, whatever that goal is go for it. Learn to bounce back from failures because with each failure you are one step closer to where you want to be.

As a man very close to my heart has told me many times of the years

‘if its not over, then it isn’t the end’.

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