My Journey


So why did I call this blog ‘Brave’? Well I have on a few occasions recently been called brave for starting my own business. I don’t think I am. I think the brave people are those who make the big decisions early. Who sacrifice in some cases, their careers for their children.

My Journey

How Much?

When you accept less than you’re worth, that’s what people are going to keep offering you

My Journey


I am no contortionist but I have always tried to be flexible in my working life, start early if needed, stay late if the current ‘urgent’ task required me to.

My Journey


Can you be happy within yourself, if the substance in your daily routines isn’t how you want it to be? Or, is this statement trying to say, that by truly understanding what makes you happy you will ultimately, only fill your life with other things that make you happy?

My Journey

That Friday Feeling

Where do the week’s go? Time just seems to fly by these days. It is Friday again and to top it off ANOTHER bank holiday!!

My Journey


I can completely understand how and why people get distracted and wave goodbye to half of their working day, so I thought as part of this blog series about my journey I would share some of my hints and tips for being productive when working from your own home.

My Journey


I decided to embark on my mumtrepreneur adventure to get the balance back in my life, and honestly, I was flying but then the bank holiday hit!


PPC Does It Work?

I recently commented on a LinkedIn post asking about the merits of a PPC campaign, there were 100’s of comments mainly along the same path but a few with simple comments such as ‘of course it works otherwise how would Google practically print money’. At face value, it is difficult to disagree with that response, […]

My Journey


I stand by the sentiment that everyone needs marketing, but, what I didn’t stop and think about was why would people choose me? And how did I plan on marketing me?

My Journey

4 days in………….

So, I am four days in to my new life as a ‘Mumtrepreneur’. The aim to work for myself and get the work/life balance correct.