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Wednesday Wisdom

In a previous blog I have spoken about the power to change, the power to do and the power to believe.

My Journey


Whenever I use the word perspective I can’t help but think of Ross and Rachel in friends when they get back together (briefly) after the whole ‘We were on a break’ debacle. I think perspective is something we could all benefit more from. What I mean by this, is having the ability to stop, look […]

My Journey


There have been many times throughout my life when I have felt truly inspired

My Journey

How Much?

When you accept less than you’re worth, that’s what people are going to keep offering you

My Journey


I am no contortionist but I have always tried to be flexible in my working life, start early if needed, stay late if the current ‘urgent’ task required me to.


PPC Does It Work?

I recently commented on a LinkedIn post asking about the merits of a PPC campaign, there were 100’s of comments mainly along the same path but a few with simple comments such as ‘of course it works otherwise how would Google practically print money’. At face value, it is difficult to disagree with that response, […]

My Journey


I stand by the sentiment that everyone needs marketing, but, what I didn’t stop and think about was why would people choose me? And how did I plan on marketing me?

My Journey

4 days in………….

So, I am four days in to my new life as a ‘Mumtrepreneur’. The aim to work for myself and get the work/life balance correct.