January Blues?

The first few days of January are often full of optimise for the new year and motivation to stick to this year’s resolutions.  However, by the end of the first week for many the arrival of the credit card bill, the tightness of the jeans or just the cold, windy, wet and barely light days […]


Relevant Touch Points – The Reassuring Arm of a CRM

With so many business tools on offer it can be difficult, especially as a small business to decide which will benefit you the most.  Quite often the tools that are chosen work in silos, creating additional work to keep on top of it all, so before you know it you have stopped using the tools […]


Are You Not Entertained?

I have been asked many times over the years on how to write quality and engaging content, so I thought I would take the time to put pen to paper (fingers to the keyboard) and give you all some tips on to write good content that people enjoy reading.

My Journey

That Friday Feeling

Where do the week’s go? Time just seems to fly by these days. It is Friday again and to top it off ANOTHER bank holiday!!

My Journey


I can completely understand how and why people get distracted and wave goodbye to half of their working day, so I thought as part of this blog series about my journey I would share some of my hints and tips for being productive when working from your own home.